Prabhakar Sail’s lawyer Tushar Khandare reveals, “Sail had no income, no job because of his involvement in the Aryan Khan drugs case” -Exclusive! | Hindi Movie News

One of the key witnesses in the Aryan Khan drugs case, Prabhakar Sail, passed away yesterday after suffering a heart attack. While the news has been making the rounds since morning, ETimes reached out to Sail’s lawyer Tushar Khandare to ask him about the status of the case that Sail had filed, alleging corruption and malpractice by Kiran Gosavi. Khandare revealed, “Nothing will happen to the case. We have filed an affidavit before the authorities and the cases will continue.”

Khandare also spoke about Sail’s family and their reaction and current condition after his passing. He said, “They were totally dependent on Sail and he was under a lot of pressure. He was jobless and we had tried to fix up a job for him. We had done one movement for him but he was not given the job because he was involved in the drugs case. They told him, ‘we cannot hire you’.”

The fact that Sail raised his voice in the Aryan Khan drugs case to highlight corruption meant he suffered in his career. Khandare revealed, “Sail didn’t get a job because he filed an affidavit in the Aryan Khan case. That was the main reason of pressure because he and his family had zero income. We would help him with some money every now and then.”

Things are not looking up for Sail’s family. Khandare revealed, “Sail has left behind a wife, two kids and a mother. They’re all are helpless and have no source of income.”

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