Kathmandu airport seize 480kg illegal gold in the past 7 months

Kathmandu, July 17

The Kathmandu airport customs office has sized 480 kilograms of illegal gold at the airport in the past seven months. From this, the office earned Rs 455.8 million in revenues.

The customs office’s chief administrator Mahesh Bhattarai says the amount was seized in the period from November 29, 2022, as his office adopted a new stringent strategy to control the illegal gold import.

Whereas the officials seized as much as 21 kg on a single day in the initial period, Bhattarai says, the average per-day amount of illegal gold seized at the Kathmandu airport has been reduced to one kg now.

Nepali law allows each of the air passengers to bring up to 100 grams of raw gold and 250 grams of jewellery.

If anyone is found to be carrying more than the allowed amount, it will be seized.

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