Upgrade Your Streaming Setup With This $125 Elgato Stream Deck

Looking for a way to help your streams stand out from the crowd? While this Elgato Stream Deck MK.2 won’t help you hit quickscopes or break into Diamond 1, it can help your streams look just as polished as the professionals’. And right now at Amazon, you can pick it up for just $125, $25 off the usual price. There’s no clear-cut expiration on this offer, so we can’t guarantee how long it will be available. We’d recommend ordering soon if you’re hoping to snag one at this price. 

This Elgato Stream Deck features 15 customizable LCD keys that can make streaming and editing smooth and effortless. Use them to launch apps or games, trigger sound effects or GIFs, control lights and much more. You can even assign multiple actions to a single key so you’re ready to stream at just the touch of button. The Stream Deck is designed to integrate seamlessly with Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and other platforms, and connects to your computer with a USB-C cable. It comes with a detachable stand, and the faceplate can be swapped out for a more personalized look. 

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