Best Board Game Deals: 6 of Our Favorite Games Are On Sale Now

Board games have changed a lot since those terrible games of Monopoly with your parents years ago. The best board games have become fun, strategic affairs that involve everyone. Happily, because of the revival in this area, a lot of companies are now selling board games again and offering excellent deals too.

If you’re hoping to get into board gaming, or are just trying to expand your collection, these deals will help you do that for a little less. I’ll keep an eye on these deals to ensure we always bring you the best games at the best prices, so check back often.

Board game deals

These are the games that I’ve personally played and love. There are a lot of choices here, from silly party games to serious two-hour-long strategy games, so you should be good whatever your group wants to do.


If you have a young family, King of Tokyo is an excellent infection vector. You get to play as a giant Kaiju out to destroy Tokyo and you must fight each other for supremacy. 

It’s a simple dice-rolling game where you “spend dice” to buy cards and use those cards to power up your Kaiju. It’s fast and, more importantly, it’s engaging enough for young kids.


Splendor is what I like to call an “amuse-bouche.” It’s one of the games I start a night of gaming with. It’s easy to grasp, and leaves your thoughts clear to catch up with your friends before you get into the complex strategy games.

That’s not to say that Splendor doesn’t have its own tactics, it does. The game is just light and fun.

Looney Labs

Now I know this isn’t the biggest saving in the world, but Fluxx is just so good any discount is grounds to pick it up. The game is a simple card game with just a few rules: draw one card, play one card. The complexity occurs when you play rules that counteract those first rules, or change the goal of the game, or change seats with the person to your left. It all gets very jumbled, which is what makes it so great.


Mysterium is a board game built around imagination and storytelling. One of you is a ghost trying to explain who killed you through the use of picture cards. The rest of the players are paranormal investigators trying to piece it together before you pass over to the “other side.”

It’s a lot of fun, but it plays best with a group of friends who know each other well enough to understand somewhat esoteric meanings behind random pictures.


Ravensburger can be a hit and miss when it comes to board games, though Villainous is one of its better efforts. You play as one of the notorious villains from Disney’s animated movies and you have to complete your story before those pesky heroes ruin everything.

It’s a lot of fun for anyone who loves Disney, as we do in our house, and there are a lot of expansions too, including Marvel villains.

Z-Man Games

Now, this may be a little too on the nose right now, but as a game Pandemic is an excellent cooperative affair for the whole family. The real thing is quite terrible, but the game is a lot of fun. No need to buy a mask.

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