Janardan Sharma pleads innocent to involving unauthorised persons in the budget plan

Kathmandu, July 21

Former finance minister Janardan Sharma says he has not involved any unauthorised persons in the budget plan.

Sharma on Thursday morning showed up at a meeting of the parliamentary committee formed to investigate the charges labelled against him and said he had done nothing wrong.

Sharma said he completely followed established norms and values, systems and procedures in the budget planning.

The House of Representatives formed the committee on July 6.

Janardan Sharma resigned from his position on the same day. He was under fire after Annapurna Post reported that he changed tax rates in the budget plan for the next fiscal year under some industrialists’ pressure.

As the news reported that the industrialists’ representatives entered the ministry office on the eve of the budget announcement to tamper with the document, there was a call to investigate the CCTV footage. But, the ministry has already said the footage was automatically deleted.

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