Real Cats Love Video Game ‘Stray,’ Too, and These Videos Prove It

Plenty of gamers are purring over Stray, where you play as an orange tabby cat navigating a cyberpunk dystopia full of robots. CNET’s Shelby Brown calls it “a one-of-a-kind video game that is so much more than a source of cat puns.” It’s not just humans who are entranced. Stray is a hit with real cats, too. 

Twitter account Cats Watching Stray is retweeting videos and images of Stray’s feline fans enjoying the game along with their humans. The cats seem to be into the movement of the characters as well as the occasional meow. 

Filmmaker Cameron Kennedy shared a video of his tuxedo cat swiveling to attention when the cats in the game talk. “The Meow button in Stray is just great,” he wrote.

Some of the fur-wearing game viewers are getting close enough to touch the screen in an attempt to catch some digital cats.

One player had to banish the cats from the game room in order to play.

The game, published by Annapurna Interactive, is available for PlayStation and PC via Steam. Lest you think it’s just for the human and feline crowds, Cats Watching Stray also retweets videos of dogs getting in on the action. Ozzy the dog was maybe a little too into it…

Perhaps all this four-legged love for Stray is a sign there should be a Twitch for Pets. 

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