Stakeholders discuss retaining the youth labour force in Nepal

Kathmandu, July 21

Daayitwa, an NGO active in policy reforms, organised the second policy dialogue of the ECO Talks Series on youth employment, focusing on retaining the youth labour force in the country, on Tuesday.

Former labour minister Gokarna Bista led the discussion as the policy guardian. Likewise, Jiblal Bhusal, a joint secretary of the Ministry of Industry; Amun Thapa, the president of Confederation of Nepalese Industries Young Entrepreneurs Forum and the founder/CEO of Sasto Deal; Moushumi Shrestha, the director of Shreenagar Agro Group and Kalpana Khanal, a senior research fellow of Policy Research Institute examined the challenges and innovative ways of mobilisation of human resources.

They also made some recommendations to take parliamentary actions to promote employment opportunities to retain the youth labour force in Nepal.

The need to address the gap between planning and implementation of enterprise-based policies, the challenges experienced by the startup and innovation industry due to a lack of proper policies and expertise in government, and the urgency to shift Nepal’s remittance-based, trade-based economy to a production-based economy, the importance of decreasing the cost of living in Nepal to retain youth labour force, and the gap between the industry needs and the skills equipped by our academic institution were the major issues discussed in the dialogue.

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