Start Your Own D&D Adventure for Just $10 This Black Friday

Black Friday is one of those shopping events that most people associate with the Best TV deals or discounts on Alexa Devices, but if you are into tabletop gaming or board games Black Friday has a lot to offer. Take this fabulous deal on the new D&D starter kit, Dragons of Stormwreck Isle, for example.

With a campaign book, character sheets, and a full set of D20 dice, this starter kit has everything you need to set up your first Dungeons and Dragons adventure.

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Starter kits are an excellent way to get into Dungeons and Dragons, especially if none of your group has played before. The campaign book helps your Game Master (GM) to navigate your party across the opening campaign that will take you from level one up to the dizzying heights of level three. It even has pre-generated characters so you can get started on the game straight away.

Stormwreck Isle is based on the latest D&D 5th Edition rule set and not the new D&D One that was recently announced, so if you do find yourself caught up in the D&D world after playing the starter kit there is plenty of other materials for you to build a collection.

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