Track Sajha Bus with the Sajha Plus app, find more features

Now it is possible to track Sajha Bus with the Sajha Plus app. The company launched its app to make its transport service “smart” for passengers. Find out more features of the app below.

The app lets users track in-operation Sajha Bus live on their phones. The app will elevate passengers’ experience of travel on popular bus services.  

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What more can you do on the Sajha Plus app?

The Sajha Plus app lets users do various things on their phones. Passengers can find out the routes of the Sajha Bus service, find out nearby bus stops, and more track their movement live on their phone. Additionally, users can also estimate the time it takes to reach their destination.

Sajha Bus has landed electric buses from China and is planning to add 37 more soon. The cooperative-run Sajha Bus public transport service is available in Kathmandu.

The Sajha Plus app is launched in its beta form and the company has urged users to drop their reviews to improve the app’s usability and user experience.

Download the Sajha Plus app here.

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