Xbox Games Announcements: How to Watch Developer Direct Live Today

Xbox and Bethesda Games are hosting the Developers Direct showcase today. Gamers can expect to tune in and see snapshots of upcoming releases for Xbox, Game Pass and PC. 

When to stream it

Xbox and Bethesda are livestreaming the event at 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Jan. 25.

Where to watch

Click the links on this page to catch the livestream on Xbox’s YouTube or Twitch channels — or on Bethesda’s YouTube or Twitch channels. 

What to expect

Today’s presentation will include information on The Elder Scrolls Online, Minecraft Legends, Redfall and Forza Motorsport. Starfield will not be part of this showcase, but fans can follow Bethesda’s social media pages for details about a standalone event at a future date. 

Fans will learn details on the fresh features and expanded gameplay regions on deck for Elder Scrolls. Mojang Studios will provide a glimpse of the multiplayer experience for the new Minecraft Legends, due out this spring. Arkane Austin will preview Redfall, in which “you and your friends will take down bloodthirsty Vampires on the picturesque island of Redfall.” Turn 10 Studios, the company behind Forza Motorsport, is poised to share what’s to come for the next generation of the game. 

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