Steam Deck Goes on Sale for Its Birthday

Valve released its portable gaming device, the Steam Deck, more than a year ago, and it’s celebrating the occasion. 

For the first time since its launch, the Steam Deck went on sale Thursday at a 10% discount. This drops the price to $359 for the the 64GB version, $476 for the 256GB and $584 for the 512GB. The sale on the portable console will last until the end of the Steam Spring Sale on March 23. 

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Steam Deck Mostly Nails Handheld PC Gaming


Along with the discount, Valve added a new feature to the Steam Deck on Thursday. The latest update will let users create their own or use already-made startup movies for when the system boots up. 

Valve first revealed its Steam Deck July 2021. It set the stage for truly portable PC gaming, similar to what the Nintendo Switch did for console gaming. High demand for the Steam Deck on top of a two-month delay led to preorders being spaced out throughout 2022 with the first units shipped to customers on Feb. 28. 

Since its initial release, Valve has said there will be a next generation of Steam Deck although no timeline has been since confirmed. Steam Deck owners discovered a wealth of uses for the device from emulating old consoles to playing Xbox games via the cloud

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